Oppo f7 diamond black 2019 best review.

The Oppo f7 the OPO axle and Jesus Christ. It is the Opel f7 time. It is the Opel the Oppo f7. We are back here again with another un-boxing, and this time it is the Oppo f7 phone. It's not an Opel f7 phone is the Black Edition. That comes with that very pretty looking diamond-cut on the back.

 So with that guys let's get on with the un-boxing. Before we get to the un-boxing, let me tell you a little bit more about this phone. This one comes equipped with the MediaTek helio P 60 processors.

 I don't think that it has 64 gigs of storage four gigabytes of RAM a 25-megapixel front camera. And on the back, it's a 16-megapixel camera. Finally a six-point two-three inches full HD plus screen. Specs wise it sounds pretty good. It seems like mid-range specs. But of course, let's take a look at what he has to offer.   The first thing that we have is, of course, the Oppo f7 phone. Oppo f7 video quality is fantastic so you can download a lot of videos to it, for that purpose you can use tubemate for pc app.

If I can get it out of the box, okay got it out. Let's see how it looks like.  As I mentioned before we have reached the special edition black with nice diamond-like textures on the back which seems nice. I was kind of hoping it was more like the HTC diamond where you know. You can feel this diamond-cut textures. Nevertheless, I think it still looks pretty nice, and it reflects as like hits on it.  So it has a very nice lighting effect for those of you that like it similar to one of the other phones that have that or rock blasting. you can easily setup whatsapp app to this oppo f7 model. once you install you can use  watsap web via online.


Screen and video quality of Oppo f7

Instead of Ora glass, we have this lovely diamond kind of cracked wheat then. Of course on the front, we have the 6.2 3 inch screen which we'll take a look at later. But for now, let's take a look at the rest the box, so opal is beautiful enough to include a nice, excellent TPU case so for those of you that need protection then you have protection right here you're not going hunt for an example for your phone other than that.

Of course, we have our charging brick. We have headphones very lovely. so Oppo is still one of the last few companies which have included headphones with their phone. That's very nice, and of course we have micro USB cables or use for charging, and of course, these are transfers so for the essential thing less than the phone on a few moments later.

We have gone through the setup process and us finally in the phone. Let's poke around and see how the phone is so the first thing that we have is, of course, the fingerprint sensor on the back and also the face unlock on the selfie camera, so I've tested out the fingerprint. It's pretty good I mean I need to touch it, and it's immediately on the phone. Very accurate high-speed fingerprint scanner so other than just the fingerprint sensor as I mentioned before there is a face unlock on this phone and this phone supports a pick-me-up feature whereby all you need to do is pick up the form on the table.


What are the top upgrade of oppo f7

Look at the phone. The phone will immediately unlock so you don't actually have to turn the phone on first and then only use the face unlock so for example if you're sitting on a table, and you want to check your phone need to lift it look at it immediately you're in the phone. Oppo F7 has high performance processor. so you can download many songs fast than before. if you looking high quality player for listen musics then you need to install Pandora Apk to your F7 mobile

And again I'm very impressed with the face to unlock on this because it is swift and very accurate, so that's pretty impressive let's do it one last time lift it to look at it open very beautiful very fast very accurate.

So the Oppo f7 is running on color OS version 5.0 and Android 8.1. It's charming that straight out the box you get the latest version of Android it is running on a MediaTek processor but so far just playing around with the phone I realized that there is no there's no apparent lags or slows downs or anything like that.

Even though it is on a MediaTek processor, it's still a very decent phone. It seems like it performs very well. But of course, we will only know more once we do our full review the operations main focus of everything. Else is its cameras because Oppo has put a big emphasis on its cameras that is now running the latest AI technology that they have collaborated with so many institutes and so many companies to bring AI peaches to this phone.


Camera and other options of oppo f7

So let's take a look at what they can offer to us. Here we have the front-facing camera, and on my first impressions I can see that the detail capturing is pretty good you can see the individual strains of the hair on my beard so with that let's take a photo and then we'll move on with the rest of the features. You can create high quality videos using video star musically app.

As you can see here as you zoom in there is already some noticeable loss of detail, especially around the hairs of my peers. If you move to the top of my head as you can see, here again, you can't look at the strands on my hair which means that the post-processing is probably not that good, but the color reproduction is very nice.

After all, you can see here the large top beam looks very lovely looks very red and the t-shirt you can see you can see the different shades of black on my shirt based on the reflection of the light, so I think color-wise is pretty good.

Now you have taken a look at the camera quality. Let's take a look at the software. So on the top here we have flash which is just going to turn the screen white and then increase the brightness and take a picture HDR which most of you already know what HDR means and then here we have the depth effect which gives you that bouquet like effect other than that.



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